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The Townsend Artisan Guild, founded in 2007, brings fine artists and fine crafts persons together to promote education, exploration, awareness, and development of arts. The group, through the individual participation of its members, strives to promote community interest in and appreciation of the arts through participation in events, demonstrations, classes, festivals, and workshops.


The Guild also provides the artist opportunities for self-promotion through art shows, exhibits, and community activities. Additional exposure is possible in the Gallery, located at 7719 East Lamar Alexander, Townsend, and on the website. Meetings and other events provide members a creative forum to share ideas, to inspire others, and to explore business realities.


The Guild will not exclude any person on the basis or race, color, national origin, disability, age, religion or sex from enjoying the benefits of membership in the Guild or participation in its Festivals, Exhibits or any of its activities.


Sponsors and Charitable Contributions

Townsend Artisan Guild (TAG) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that depends on funding from individuals and businesses in order to do the work described above. We welcome any and all donations. You or your company may provide financially funds to be designated for one of our events, monthly donations, or a one-time donation. For fast and secure payment click the donate button. We appreciate your consideration.


All donations given on this website will be used for TAG expenses exclusively.





Membership is open to actively working professionals, aspiring artists, and those sponsoring the Arts in the community. We are seeking artists and fine crafts persons who are interested in working with other artisans to build a strong and supportive fine arts and fine crafts community.

Categories of Membership are:


Juried Members - those whose art is approved through a juried process for each category of work. The membership dues are $60.


These members have: full voting privileges; juried work eligible to hang art in the Gallery, participate in all TAG exhibits and festivals; opportunities to learn from peers and other professionals; and juried work presented in the TAG brochure and web site. In order to optimize Guild membership, members are encouraged to participate in TAG exhibits and community activities.


Prospective juried members should submit their application, three original, hand crafted pieces of work and $50 application fee to Treasurer, PO Box 403, Townsend, TN, 37882. Details of the jury process are below.


Those applying for Aspiring or Supporting Memberships should complete the application only and submit the appropriate dues.


Aspiring Artists - those who are developing their skills for future Active membership through education, workshops, and practice. These members do not have voting privileges and do not exhibit in TAG events. The annual dues are $30.


Supporting Members – those who provide financial support, expertise, and assistance in activities, with full voting privileges. This category is intended business leaders, professionals, and community and fine art supporters. These members are recognized on the website. The annual dues are $60.


Jury Process 


The Jury Committee consists of four Juried Artists and the Vice President of the Board of Directors and will assess three pieces of submitted work.


• Only original artwork is accepted;


• Three pieces of artwork can be submitted for jury at any given time. Four or more pieces submitted for jury may result in disqualification of the prospective artist from the jury process;


• All artwork must have been created within the past two years;


• Paintings or photographs must be at least 8x10 in size or larger. Smaller pieces may be accepted for jury on a case by case basis;


• The artist shall attach the title, medium, and dimension to the back of each piece submitted and names should be covered on the front of each item;


• The artist must submit his/her artwork on the date and at the location

   prescribed unless an alternative arrangement has been approved by the Jury Chair.


The requirements for jury are as follows:


Creativity – A creative, handmade original piece of visual fine art


Overall Design and Style – Effective use of elements and principles of design


Craftsmanship – Technical proficiency and mastery of selected medium


Presentation – Professional presentation (mounting, framing, etc.) that reflects the vision of the artist


Once the art is accepted, the artist will be eligible to participate in any TAG exhibit. If the work is not accepted, the artist will have the opportunity to join TAG in other membership categories.


The Membership Application and Jury Questionnaire can be found at the top right of this page.