Pete Mueller

Specializing in Custom Dioramas

Woodworking & 3-D Models

I'm a woodworker and a model maker. I mix the two together and end up with a 3-D picture or piece of furniture with a diorama in it surrounded by glass. If a building is the main subject, I'll put lights in the building that can be turned on or off with a remote. I enjoy using the latest technology in lights to display my art work. The more unique the subject matter, the better the result. I love a challenge. If it seems difficult, people enjoy it more.


Thank You

Pete Mueller


My services include but are not limited to:


• Custom Dioramas

• Woodworking

• 3-D Models

• Shadow Boxes

• Custom Furniture




Contact me with any questions you have about my work or how to have a custom diorama made specifically for you.